New to the Shop: Iron Cord Holders

While I do want to show you the iron cord holders, I also just wanted to share what’s been going on at the store today. There’s always so much activity–sewing, creating, open sewists–I feel sometimes like we’re brimming!

I’ve been prepping kits for Society. I’m really so pleased with this particular clutch and am excited to see everyone on Saturday for our meeting! And yep, there are two beautiful fabric combos!

Heather was in quilting on the frame. She finished up this awesome star quilt using Lizzy House’s Constellation fabric and I couldn’t be more amazed by her talent, creativity, and enthusiasm for quilting! If you haven’t taken one of her classes yet–you really should!

Michelle was RAVING about these iron cord holders. I was dubious at first (they look a little like car antennas) but I definitely see the appeal. No more cords getting stuck around the edges or underneath. The “antenna” bends as you move the iron around and always keeps it in place. Kinda brilliant if you ask me.

(Michelle is so excited they are on our boards and for sell so you can trick out your board, she photobombs my demo.)

Come join in on the fun!

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  1. autumn

    ahaha! that’s funny there at the bottom! and that does sound intriguing. also – gorgeous quilt!

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