New to the Shop: Dress Forms & Draping Supplies

I have been so excited to get in our new dress forms. With my costume background, I’ve always utilized forms to perfect fit, placement of design details, or simply to be a way to examine color and proportion for a garment. What a pleasure (and luxury!) to have these professional grade forms available for classroom or open sewing use.

Plus you can order one in your size to have in your home studio if you realize you can’t live without one. I’m so glad I have one! Some must-have characteristics of these forms:

Collapsible Shoulders (ease of getting a garment on and off the form)

Design Lines & Seams on the pinnable linen base (helpful when placing things like princess seams and waist & side seams)

Adjustable Height (’cause we all have different needs)

We also have draping tape for purchase! Available in a variety of colors, this removable narrow tape is your key for creating style lines that will be translated in the draping process. And we always have muslin, a standard draping fabric.

Look for local fashion designer Robin Forsythe’s Introduction to Draping class with us in our upcoming fall schedule and learn techniques that will inform a whole new way to translate your ideas into reality. Become your own designer!

3 Responses to “New to the Shop: Dress Forms & Draping Supplies”

  1. Robin

    Thanks Meredith! I’m so excited about the dress forms too! I think of this as a form of creating sculpture with cloth. It’s so satisfying see your designs taking place visually.

  2. anastasia obitulata

    How much do you sell the dress form.Do you ship to Nigeria? Thanks.

  3. rebecca

    Hi Anastasia, Unfortunately we do not ship dress forms. Good luck!

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