New in Shop: DIY Cross-Stitched iPhone Cases and Japanese Petite Pattern Books

Everyone loves their iPhone. Now yours can stand out from all others. We just received our first shipment of NeoStitch iPhone Cases from Leese Design. You can create your own traditional or modern piece of art right on your phone. They are so incredibly unique and fun to design and come in white, black, hot pink, turquoise, orange and lime green. I began my first one (note: I will definitely not limit myself to one) last night and finished it while watching a movie by a cozy fire. I am a big fan of hand work, especially in the colder months and this was my first project of the year. I can’t wait to get started on my next one!

Simple and pretty.
Petite Pattern Books: Entire collection arrives next week!
My inspiration came from this design.
Turn any of these images into modern cross stitched patterns.

Each iPhone Case comes with 3 small skeins of six-strand embroidery floss, a needle and a few sample designs. I searched through my embroidery and cross-stitch books to get inspiration for my design, but in the end I found it in one of my Japanese Petite Pattern books. I  chose a simple modern tree pattern on a white case. These books are full of lovely patterns and each one comes with a disc so you can have the files on your computer as well. My mind wandered, thinking of the endless potential of these beautiful graphics – embroidery, cross stitch, screen savers, and most intriguing… digitizing for machine embroidery! We will most certainly keep you updated on that progress. Until then, come pick out your new iPhone case and cross-stitch a unique design for yourself or get a head start on a great stocking stuffer!

3 Responses to “New in Shop: DIY Cross-Stitched iPhone Cases and Japanese Petite Pattern Books”

  1. Chrystina

    How much do these run? I must have one!

  2. lupine

    They cost $25. Aren’t they wonderful??

  3. Jill C.

    I LOVE these cases, I saw them on pinterest, I covet one. However I have a sad old 3G… maybe someday.

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