To join our wood embroidery hoops and embroidery needles, you can now find the highest quality and most beautiful needlework supplies from Sajou at the store. From France, oo la la!

These expertly crafted and GORGEOUS scissors, patterns books, dainty wood and linen pin cushions, and fabric tape measures will be here to inspire you to take a moment, spend some quality time with a hand sewing needle, and create lovely delicate work to compliment the wizardry of machine embroidery.

I’m crazy over the moon for these hare snips. You know I’ve already taken home a pair.

But I’m thinking the “Little Monsters” will also come home with me. Eek! Look at those tiny blades–ideal for thread snipping, clipping, and perfecting.

Plus, next week we’ll start carrying Presencia embroidery floss in a range of colors. Embellish garments, home dec projects, linen tea towels, and more with a little hand work. And they’re perfect for all those itching to work on your own version of “Quilted Portland.”



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