My Texas Blouse and Thoughts on White Pants

White pants and blouse

Well, the white pants thing is easy. I love, love, love them. I sprung for a low commitment pair from H&M (totally had to sew the blouse to wash away my guilt for shopping at such a low quality place) and absolutely love them. They are perfect for summer, fresh, trendy, and get way less dirty than I expected with two small children. Michelle has some she rocks beautifully and Shelly has been know to wear them while teaching a room full of squirrely kids even.

Ok, so onto the blouse part. Meredith, Michelle and I are spending the week in Texas. We are on the plane right now even, and will be getting our BERNINA on at Bernina University learning new sewing techniques, getting introduced to the new 5 Series machines, and pretty much pretending we are at BERNINA summer camp. In order to look professional (read: no bra straps showing) I wanted to make some sleeveless tanks that had a bit more coverage through the shoulder. Enter the lovely pattern from Simplicity and Cynthia Rowley. Lovely, easy, and cute! I also entertained sewing some from Erica’s totally cute Ruffle Blouse Class or Colette’s darling (and free) Sorbetto pattern, but let’s face it, ran out of time for making more before the Texas trip.

So after this cute unadorned version (above picture), I did go ahead and add the cool little twist bit around the collar . I got my fabric at Bolt of course. It is an absolutely lovely Japanese sateen that makes you want to crumple it up and shove it in your mouth it is so delicious. The sleeveless blouse is a great addition to the quick-and-easy sewing wardrobe. They whip up fast as the dickens, don’t need lining (usually) and can be endlessly embellished. Make some!

If you want some assistance making a similarly lovely ruffle (or not) blouse, take this awesome class with Erica.

5 Responses to “My Texas Blouse and Thoughts on White Pants”

  1. teresa

    You are rockin’ the white pants, too. 🙂 The top is adorable and I love the embellishment along the neckline. Super cute! Enjoy Texas and can’t wait to get into the shop and practice on those new-fangled machines. In August! I swear.

  2. Jen S

    I like that twisted collar! Hope you all have a great trip! Can’t wait to hear what you learn while you’re there!

  3. Angelika

    Gorgeous! Great colors, that fabric is luscious!

  4. Rachel Winer

    Love it! I actually bought that same fabric to make a similar top. Is it machine washable?

  5. lupine

    Yes! It washes beautifully. I was a bad girl and didn’t prewash my fabric, but it has been washed since and there was no noticeable shrinkage and is just as lovely. Hope we get to see pictures!

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