My Modern Domestic Life: Pinterest Obsession!

All of my students have heard me rave about my recent obsession — Pinterest! Oh my, I can spend hours on this inspirational website. If you haven’t already gotten hooked on it, you MUST check it out! Here’s how it works:

  • First of all, you have to be invited so find a friend who has an account and get them to invite you.
  • Sign up and start creating your own boards. Pinterest gives you some suggestions which are helpful, but be creative and come up with your own names. Anything can be edited at any time so get started and add boards as you get inspired and change the original ones.
  • Once you create a board, pinterest will pop up a window giving you the “pin it” button to drag to your tool bar.
  • Any website, blog, etc that you are on that you see something that wows you, you click your pin it button and every image from that website appears in a new window and you click the image you want to pin, then select the board you want it posted on and write a note about what you liked.
  • You can follow your favorite people, individual boards or simply “repin” any image you find on other people’s boards to your own board.
  • You will have the most lovely, organized collection of pretties! When you click on your images, it will give you the original website it came from. For example, you find a fantastic free pattern from Anna Marie Horner, or a project you absolutely must make from Purl Bee, you can pin the image and then when you go back to it later, it will give you the original web address to get the instructions.

I have found countless images that have inspired my future sewing projects. I love love love this site and I think you will too. Here are a few of my recent sewing related pins.

1. Wedding Quilt from Purl Bee / 2. Rainbow Quilt from Oh-Cherry-Sew Flickr Photostream
1. Spring Napkins from Purl Bee / 2. Whit's Knits: Sweet Home Sweet from Purl Bee
1. Star Pillow from Anna Marie Horner / 2. Posie Sampler from Craft Gossip
1. Cute Log Cabin Quilt with no credit given on Pinterest / 2. Stacked Coin Quilt form A Cup of Jo

8 Responses to “My Modern Domestic Life: Pinterest Obsession!”

  1. Jen S

    You got me hooked on Pinterest after the ruffled zip pouch class, Michelle! One more hint for those that don’t know anyone on Pinterest yet: if you hit the “request invite” button, they will put you on a waiting list….for me that took about 2 hours and I was in. Now I’m pin crazy! It makes a great place for visually storing all the cool tutorials you find on craft blogs and for getting new ideas!

  2. Christina

    I see why this is so addicting! I too just requested an invite a few hours ago and received an invite and have been pinning away! This is great! I usually find projects or blog entries I like and cut and paste the link to them in crazy mass emails to my email to save! This seems so much easier!! Thanks!!

  3. michelle

    I’m so happy I am not the only one sneaking away to find some random new pins! I reckon this site will grow to be as popular as Facebook. I am working on getting Modern Domestic their own Pinterest account but for some reason it won’t let me. I will keep trying though.

  4. Bee's Nest Deb

    Gah! I’m so obsessed with Pinterest. Just what I needed: another time-consuming internet addiction 🙂 I LOVE it. Now, to figure out how to follow Michelle….

  5. michelle

    You can search for MichelleLH or Michelle Healy. I will keep an eye out for you!

  6. Karie

    FYI: You don’t need a friend to invite you. You can just request an account on the main page, upper right corner. Turn around time is less than 24 hours.

    Beware however, as you will spend hours on the site!

  7. Stephanie

    Pinterest’s waiting list is now randomly longer. If any of you have an invite that you could send to, I would appreciate it! I just moved into a new house (with lots of upcoming projects!), and I would love to use the site to gather ideas. Thanks!

  8. lupine

    I just sent you an invite. Good luck with your new house and upcoming projects!

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