My Modern Domestic Life: One Top, Six Ways

Have you ever found a pattern or project that is so easy and satisfying that you obsessively make not one, not two but SIX of the same thing? This summer I’ve been churning out top after top from Simplicity pattern 2599. I stumbled across this pattern on’s list of Top 10 Patterns for 2010 when I was looking for summer class inspiration.  

I made the class sample with three ruffles near the neckline. The fabric is a voile from Bolt by Anna Maria Horner.

It turned out so cute that I decided I had to have one that I could wear around town while my class sample sits in the shop, so I made another.

Then I decided to use up some of the gorgeous fabric I got at last year’s Designer Fabric Swap, and try the version with the jabot ruffles. What’s a jabot ruffle you ask? I had the very same question after I read that word on the pattern jacket, so I asked my friend Google, who told me that it is a ruffle that attaches at the neckline and extends down the front of a woman’s blouse or dress. Cute and frilly!

Then summer happened, and it was hot for like three whole days in a row, so I had to make a light and airy sleeveless version out of some peach polka dot fabric I got from a record store/vintage shop on MLK.  I love making fabric flowers, so I added a few to make the top more interesting. I finished the neck and armholes with bias binding.

I love all things plaid, so I made the cinched waist version out of some soft, loosely woven plaid I found at the Fabric Depot outdoor sale. I attached the casing for the elastic to the outside of the top for some extra flair, and used the rest of the bias tape for the neckline and sleeves.

My absolute favorite is by far the most ridiculous version, which is why I love it so much. I took the Introduction to Silkscreen Yardage class with totally awesome teacher Suzanna Scott, and printed a couple of yards of fabric with repeating images of my cat Joe’s head.

Hi Joe!

Yes, I am a crazy cat lady. What better way to use that fabric than to make it into a top? And put a giant bow on it? Perfection.

I’ll be teaching this extremely versatile top as a Beginner-level class starting next Thursday, July 28th, so if you’re a beginning sewist and don’t mind spending time with someone who makes fabric out of pictures of her cat’s face, join me!

4 Responses to “My Modern Domestic Life: One Top, Six Ways”

  1. christina

    Oh I love this pattern! And I LOVE your cat fabric!! I would totally do that with my dogs. In fact, I do have some adorable
    scottie dog fabric I am preparing to make a dress out of this evening!! Thanks for the post!!

  2. Jamie

    Just saw your post from Golden Willow’s site. I love the cat print…my husband says I’m lucky he married me when I had 3 cats, that I was a schoolteacher close to becoming the dreaded “cat lady” 🙂

    Your shirts all look beautiful! I wish I had your skills, or lived on the West Coast so I could take your class, but alas I am in Maryland.

  3. susan b.

    Everything about this is awesome!!!

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