My Modern Domestic Life: Erica’s Sewing Room

Like many of you, I am blessed with my very own sewing room, but it’s still a relatively new thing for me. A couple of years ago, my husband and I were still living in a very cute but very tiny 500 square foot apartment, and my “sewing room” consisted of a card table crammed into the corner of our living room. Every time someone came over, I had to pack all of my supplies, my table, and my machine up and shove them behind the couch. When we started searching for a house to rent, I knew some sort of designated sewing lair had to be on the “must-have” list.

We found a great 2 bedroom duplex near Alberta, and not only did it have a huge basement that my husband immediately claimed for his man cave, but the extra bedroom made a perfect sewing room.

The room isn’t huge (maybe 10′ x 12″), but I have managed to pack quite a bit in without it feeling too cluttered.  Since I was on a fairly tight budget after our move, I headed to everyone’s favorite Swedish Furniture store to outfit the room. I picked up a tall bookshelf and tables for my sewing machine, serger and computer, as well as some home dec fabric for curtains.  The floating shelf, 6′ table, stool, and lights in the picture below are also from Ikea.

In order to turn the regular table top into one long cutting surface, I attached several cutting mats to the table with double-sided adhesive. When I have smaller ironing jobs and don’t want to haul out my ironing board, I use my Cushioned Quilter’s Square-N’-Blocker on the cutting table.  Check out Michelle’s awesome blocking/pinning board/cutting table for an excellent multi-functional table idea.

One of my favorite organizational finds actually came from the Kitchen department at Ikea. I use a magnetic knife rack for all of my scissors, rotary cutters, and other metal tools I need to keep at arm’s reach. I have one by my cutting/drafting table, and one right behind my sewing machine.

I found two huge mirrors that used to be sliding closet doors in the basement of my old apartment building. They help bring a lot of light into the space, make it feel bigger, and come in handy when I have people over for fittings.  The Portlandia-esque birds on the wall are removable wall decals made by Blik. They are perfect for renters because they peel right off without leaving a trace, and can be used again.

I have all of my bias tape, twill tape, rick rack and ribbons hanging on the wall behind my door, which adds a splash of color and cheeriness to what would otherwise be blank wall space.

A rainbow of ribbons!

I have grand sewing room dreams for when we someday own a home that involve building a modular dwelling in the backyard. Part no-boys-allowed clubhouse, part garden hideaway, I can envision myself passing hours in a space filled with natural light and surrounded by flowers and trees. will be mine!

In the meantime, I could hardly be luckier with an awesome place to sew at home, AND a gorgeous place to sew at work.

3 Responses to “My Modern Domestic Life: Erica’s Sewing Room”

  1. Christina V

    Oh my gosh, this is beautiful and my dream for one of the spare bedrooms in my house! It looks like it could be in the Ikea catalogue! I’m inspired now!

  2. erica

    Thanks Christina!! It is so nice having your very own sewing room in your house. I highly recommend it if you have the space!

  3. Carole

    Fantastic space! Thanks for some great ideas. Our youngest child left the nest last year, so I finally have my “Creative Room.” After sewing in the kitchen for 20-some years, it’s a dream come true. I have a hard time not going in there every time I pass by. In truth, I’m a better gardener than a sewer, so your idea for a separate garden dwelling almost makes me drool. I’m envisioning your model with a potting shed built on the side. Hmmm…

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