My Modern Domestic Life: Bathroom Makeover

I must apologize, this post is not specifically about sewing, but I promise it will lead into it for my next one! For the last two weeks, we have been consumed with remodeling our bathroom. I have been working day and night, tiling until midnight, forgetting to eat dinner, relying on my dear friends to use their shower. It is the only shower in the house so I was on a mission to get it functioning within two weeks and we made it to the day exactly. It is not completely done, but I did take a shower in it last night and I couldn’t stop marveling at the new lovely tile in the bath. We still have the punch list of trim, paint touch-up, hooks, shelves and sewing new shower and window curtains – basically the fun stuff.

Those of you who know me are aware that I used to be a building contractor. It makes me laugh that I was in such a male dominated profession and now I own a sewing studio! I still love building and actually the two are very similar in many ways. My love for house beautification and all things domestic combines building and sewing. Measure twice, cut once! My sewing room and our wood shop are my two favorite spaces in the house. I am feeling more than elated to get back into my sewing room after not touching my machine for two weeks! I will post pictures of my curtains in my next post. Until then, here are some before and  not-quite-after pictures to show my progress.

Before and almost there!

2 Responses to “My Modern Domestic Life: Bathroom Makeover”

  1. Carole

    Wow, huge difference already. It looks so much bigger. Did you raise the ceiling? I like whatever you have surrounding the tub. It looks like slate –very sharp!

  2. michelle

    No I didn’t raise the ceiling. I just built in a weird shelf that was there and then took the tile all the way to the ceiling to give it a taller look and to cut down on moisture on the drywall. I highly recommend it.

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