My Modern Domestic Life: Texas Fabric Field Trip

After a lovely week of Bernina Universtity in San Antonio, Texas, I was lucky enough to spend a few extra heat-filled days vacationing in the Hill Country and Austin. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about Texas. I had never really spent any time there except for a quick drive through the panhandle. I was pleasantly surprised! I absolutely fell in love with the Texan hospitality, the food, the music, and the river culture. After falling in love with all these aspects that Texas is known for, I had to see what kind of sewing and fabric stores they boasted.

I had already read about The Stitch Lab in Austin and that was my number one stop. They opened just a few months before Modern Domestic opened its doors and since sewing studios of our type are still a rarity I was excited to check them out. Unfortunately Leslie, the owner, was not in but I was able to meet two lovely employees who graciously showed me around their adorable store.

The Stitch Lab

The warm hues and extremely tasteful merchandising combining vintage and modern sewing accessories made me instantly feel like buying some souvenir fabric. I chose this lovely print from Ruby Star Rising by Melody Miller.

Awesome wall art / Ruby Star Rising Print

The store was a delightful labyrinth of displayed fabric and accessories, 2 classrooms, and one open sewing room. It was exciting to be there on the weekend while two classes were in session, one dying class and one custom curtain class. I browsed through their list of classes for all ages and was inspired by the different class offerings.

I really want to make this skirt! Simplicity #2258

I asked for any other suggestions in the Austin area and they lead me to The Common Thread. Jeanie, the store owner, was there and was extremely friendly and helpful. Her store’s interior was very similar to MD’s building style. The high ceilings, large glass garage door, and concrete floors made me homesick for my baby back in Portland. I would say her fabric selection was similar to Josephine’s Dry Goods boasting an impressive collection of silks, wools and other garment textiles.

Lovely selection of oil cloth and coated cotton.

A couple of other stores worth mentioning are Red and Skye and Henry’s in Fredericksburg in the Hill Country. Both stores sell fabric but are more like Anthropologie meets Bolt and are must sees! So, after you have filled yourself up with some good Texan BBQ, be sure to check out these beautiful local treasures in lovely Texas!

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