More Ruffle Love with Amy Karol

Amy Karol has another quick use for the wonderful ruffler! Also, yesterday’s post from Michelle is an awesome ruffler tutorial that takes you through the in’s and out’s of this great little foot. Remember, these sweet feet are 20% off all month! Hot stuff!

Attach a ruffle to a skirt hem ALL IN ONE STEP!

I serged the bottom edge in white (you can also hem it) and then, hold on to you seat, both ruffled the fabric and sewed to the green skirt it at the same time! I know! You can see how this is done in the video here from the Bernina site.

Skirt hem+ruffle=fabulous!

It’s crazy easy and makes me a bit out of control with the ruffles. My middle child also would like to point out the fuller ruffles make twirling much more fun. Word.

4 Responses to “More Ruffle Love with Amy Karol”

  1. autumn

    well, now i really want to make myself a ruffle skirt!! ‘course, i’ll be needing to purchase a janome ruffler, but i love seeing the different things you can do with the machines 🙂

  2. lupine

    We do also have Janome rufflers in stock right now! Whaoo!

  3. autumn

    i asked meredith yesterday to be sure about that 🙂 i’ll be grabbing one in a few weeks!

  4. Sigrid

    I would like to try this, but I am not sure how long to make the fabric to be ruffled? How do you get the two lengths to end together? Cut extra and chop it off?

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