Modern Domestic is EXPANDING!!!!

You have no idea how hard it was for us to keep this to ourselves! We have been busting at the seams (had to add that pun) for a while now and every time we watch our beloved students struggle to find ample cutting space we just cringe. But after October 15th or so we are so happy to be able to offer you the room you want and deserve to spread out and comfortably sew. Luckily we have the opportunity to expand without moving location. We will be doubling our existing size by expanding into the space that is now occupied by Art & Sole directly next door to MD. Marty has some great clearance sales on shoes and boots so you should check it out.

Allow me to gush about what is in the making… First of all, our existing ground floor space will be dedicated to retail. We will be able to give each Bernina a little breathing room, expand our thread and tool collection AND most exciting, we will have the room to set up our Bernina Quilt Frame and that has been sadly sitting in a box upstairs for a month now. The upstairs classroom will remain a classroom, but we will re-organize and move out the clutter / boxes and add two more cutting tables! Next door’s main floor will house MD’s new 800 square foot classroom space! I get woozy thinking about it. We will have 4 cutting tables, two sewing machine tables for 8 machines, 1 serger table for 4 sergers, 4 ironing stations plus we’re bringing back the living room sitting area. Upstairs will be Tony the Tiger’s new and spacious sewing machine service center and our storage area. Tony will no longer have to squeeze into his tiny workspace and you may not know this, but we have no storage at MD, so boxes are a sore subject for us right now.

As wonderful as all of this is, you cannot make an omelette without breaking an egg and we are about to cook up some breakfast! Our lovely landlord, Brad will be creating an opening or two to connect our two spaces. They will be performing the majority of the work from the other side, but eventually it will spill over into our space. We are going to try our hardest to stay open during the construction, but  want to be realistic. The construction dates will run from October 11th – 15th. We kindly ask for everyone’s understanding if we must close our doors for a couple of those days while improve our space. We are recruiting our other halves and will be working night and day to move, paint and set up shop after the 15th. We cannot wait to share our new lovely space with you!

13 Responses to “Modern Domestic is EXPANDING!!!!”

  1. autumn

    whew! so exciting for you – and for all of us, too 🙂 and soooo glad you’re staying in the same spot! can’t wait to see how it all looks when it’s done.

  2. Chelle


  3. Corrinna

    Yay! Totally excited for Modern Domestic! The only other acceptable post would have been ‘world dominance’ or ‘cape’!

  4. Anna

    Yeah you are! you guys were busting at the seems with too much sewing goodness. Congratulations!
    xo Anna

  5. Damion

    Wow… that’s awesome!! I can’t wait to help break in the new classroom!

  6. Haley

    Yes! This is amazing and so deserved. Keep up the good work, ladies!

  7. happy zombie

    Whoo whoo!! So excited to hear about your expansion!! Happy for you, THRILLED for me! Congratulations!!

  8. hilary e

    this is such great news, especially at a time when lots of businesses are struggling! congrats to all the MD folks for a big ‘move’!

  9. kiki

    I’ve been wondering – WHEN are you going to expand ?
    I’ve been amazed at what you’ve managed to squeeze
    into the space and now . . .Great news !

  10. Tracey johnson

    Wahoo!!! More MD. Fabulous!! Congratulations ladies!

  11. Roni

    Hooray! Glad for you. Glad for us. And can hardly wait to see.

  12. michelle

    We are hoping that the space will be ready not later than the 20th of October. I am planning on working night and day to make the transition as smooth as possible. We are so excited!!

  13. Amy Gray

    If there are two ladies that are going to break the boundaries – break on through to the other side- outgrow themselves quickly – it’s you two! Good partnerships have a way of expanding like that.

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