Miracle of the Free-arm Embroidery Adapter

Get ready to embroider baby onesies, tote bags, and other tubular projects. This here is the miracle of the free-arm adapter.

This simple-to-install set comprises of essentially a piece that moves the embroidery module back and to the left. Then an additional piece, the hoop adapter, clips into the machine leaving a clamp in front for the hoop.

This keeps the module in place but not right next to the free-arm of the machine. Just like sewing with the free-arm, embroidery with the free-arm keeps the two layers separate without a lot of tugging or stretching.

I’m prepping the tote bags for The Society. What better way to rock your MD love around town or to and from class than with a custom bag created by me! And a special shout out to Jaime David for digitizing our logo. Look for sign ups to start soon.

5 Responses to “Miracle of the Free-arm Embroidery Adapter”

  1. jaime

    love it! This tool is so helpful. Nice looking tote bags too.

  2. babsie moore

    where can I get hold of this adapter and the cost?
    will it fit on my Bernina Artista 640 model?

  3. rebecca

    Hi There, if you would like to find out more about this adaptor, please give us a call. Our phone # is listed on the home page of the website.

  4. carolyn v. wells

    I have an older free arm adapter . Will it work on my 590 and/or 770? Everything comes back in style if you wait long enough, right? lol . Carolyn

  5. Rebekah

    Hi Carolyn,
    The 590 and 770 both have a built in free arm adapter–you simply add the module but not the slide on table!

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