Meredith shares some Love and Knowledge

This morning over at Colette Patterns, Meredith offers great tips on buying a sewing machine. She is certainly one to know, as she has sewn on many, sees loads come into the shop, and teaches our Machine Owner classes at MD (those are the ones you get for free when you buy a new machine from us).

Meredith's sweet 1008

She herself sews on this beauty. It is the best mechanical machine on the market today hands down. We all share a love of the 1008.

Drooling through the glass cases at BERNINA headquarters in Chicago

One of the most delightful things about offering all brand machine repair at MD is seeing all the older models come into the shop. Meredith frequently tries to adopt them, if she could, I am pretty sure she would own one of every generation BERNINA has made. We all seem to be a little obsessed with many of the machines BERNINA has made through the years. But can you blame us? Just look at them.

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  1. heather

    Hi Karen,

    The 750QE is a great machine! I hope you enjoy it!

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