Meet Tony.

Please allow me to introduce MD’s new favorite man in the house, Tony. Tony the Tiger or Mr. T as we lovingly call him is our new sewing machine technician. We felt so lucky to find him and his 40 years of machine tech experience of servicing every machine brand there is! He has been fixing all of the machines at MD for the last three weeks and we are pretty much in awe of Tony’s small miracles he manifests everyday.

He shows up every morning with his kind smile and his brown bag lunch in tow and heads upstairs to quietly work his magic. Every now and then we hear a chuckle coming from the mezzanine as he overhears the conversations we have below. We yell up and tell him how appreciated he is and his humble manner doesn’t quite know how to accept it.

We haven’t found a machine yet that Tony can’t troubleshoot and fix to perfection. So rest assured, if your beloved machine takes a turn for the worse, bring it on into Modern Domestic and leave it in the trusting hands of Tony, excuse me, Mr. T.

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