MD Sewist Spotlight: Toni Carmean

Every other week, we profile one of our customers to find out a little bit about their sewing life. This week the MD Sewist Spotlight is on Toni Carmean.

How long have you been sewing?
I used to sew a lot as a kid, making clothes for my Barbies as well as some of my own clothes.  I  stopped sewing about the time I went to high school.  My husband got me a sewing machine as a gift about fifteen years ago.  The machine was very different from the one I learned on as a kid, and I relied on a friend’s girlfriend to help me learn to use it.  Then he broke up with her, and that was the end of sewing until I picked it up again just a few months ago.
Tell us about a favorite recent sewing project.
My favorite project so far has been a lap quilt I made for my office.  Clients said it was cold, so I made a quilt for them to use during sessions.  Now they don’t use it because they worry about getting it dirty!
What is your favorite sewing tip/tool?
It’s not a tip exactly, but I like to piece and complete all sewing except the quilting of something small, like a table runner, by machine, then quilt it on the plane.  It’s a really good way to pass the time.
Where do you sew?
I turned our spare bedroom into a sewing room.  I put a comfortable couch in it that can become a bed in a pinch.  In the meanwhile, I can use it as a great spot to look at pattern directions and quilting books when I’m not sewing.  My sewing table is an old library table from my grandparents, so it’s nice to have that there as well.
What sewing projects do you plan to tackle next?
First on the agenda is Sew Liberated’s Bohemian Carpetbag, then I have several baby quilts to do, a quilt for a cousin, and two as gifts for innkeepers who have been kind to us over the years.  I also have a skirt I need to finish.

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