MD Sewist Spotlight: Nicole Morgenthau

This week, our spotlight is on one of our wonderful teachers, Nicole Morgenthau. Nicole does beautiful hand-smocking work, and offers adult classes on hand-smocking periodically. She also teaches the 8- to 12-year-old set how to sew, and will have several different kids classes on the schedule this summer. If you’ve been wanting to take a class with your child, check out her upcoming Kid and Parent: Sew Together Tote classes. Keep an eye out for more great classes from Nicole, and read on to learn more about her sewing life.


How long have you been sewing?

I started sewing as a young teenager.  My mom and grandma set a great example for me early on as they made many garments for me and my sister. While I was taught to sew from a young age, I really came into my own as a sewist when I found out I was having a baby girl. She is my inspiration for almost all my best creative work!


Tell us about a favorite recent sewing project.

To welcome my baby boy into the world, I decided to try my hand at quilting.  I used Elizabeth Hartman’s Charm Squares baby quilt pattern. To make the set complete, I quilted a matching pillow case as well.  I absolutely love how this quilt turned out.  The textiles are all organic and most of them come from the “storyboek” line by Birch Fabrics.

Another of my favorite projects was this dress I recently smocked for my new baby niece at Christmas.  I’ve smocked my fair share of dresses, but I think this is my favorite to date.

What is your favorite sewing tip/tool?

My all-time favorite sewing tool is my pair of black snips by Clover.  I don’t how I lived without these for the first 20 years of my sewing life!  My tip is to snip as you go.  If you wait until the end of a project to trim all your loose ends, you’ll inevitably miss a couple only to find them while you’re out and wearing the garment (or showing it off to a friend).

Where do you sew?

My sewing spot is the dining room table.  With the recent addition of our second baby, I no longer have a dedicated space for sewing.  My daughter shares a closet with my supplies and fabric stash, and my dining room buffet holds my most frequently used tools. The upside? I never miss out any of the household activity (the dining room is in the middle of the house), and I have an excuse to spend more time using the lovely new space at Modern Domestic.

What sewing project(s) do you plan to tackle next?

Where do I start?! I definitely caught the quilting bug, so I am working on a quilt for my daughter’s new “big girl” room.  Having a little girl means I’m always working on at least 5 garments for her at a time.  Beyond that, I am working on duplicating my favorite store-bought garments using some of the beautiful knit fabrics I recently bought at Bolt Fabric.

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