MD Sewist Spotlight: Lauren King

Every other week, we profile one of our customers to find out a little bit about their sewing life. This week the MD Sewist Spotlight is on Lauren King.


My third pair of jeans and my second Wiksten top.
How long have you been sewing?
I have been sewing for two years and five months.  Although, my mom is a quilter so even though I did not use the sewing machine very much growing up I have been around fabric and sewing all of my life.  For some reason, two years ago I decided I wanted to start.  I pretty much have not stopped sewing since.  I sew almost every single night.
My husband with his bowtie in Liberty bike fabric. He is a teacher and wears bowties everyday. For Christmas I made him five.
Tell us about a favorite recent sewing project.
I have a few! I made Sewaholic’s Minoru jacket over spring break.  (Actually, I made two but I only love one).  I will definitely make more next fall- the jacket is amazing. I wear it everyday and it makes me not even mind the Oregon rain so much.
My favorite patterns- Minoru rain jacket and Bohemian Carpet Bag
I also really love Sew Liberated’s Bohemian Carpet bag. I have made four (two were gifts) so far and I am sure there are many more in my future.  I made the one pictured here for myself and my mom for Christmas.  Not only do I just love the style and the leather, the bag is also really special because I made it with fabric that my grandmother bought my mom in Italy a long time ago.  She was a really amazing woman and loved to travel! Fabric from special trips and special people is like nothing else.
Bohemian Carpet with Grandman's fabric
What is your favorite sewing tip/tool?
I think I would have to say either all of my Bernina presser feet or my Oliso iron. The feet and the iron help to bring my sewing to another level.  My serger is also pretty great.
When I have to hit the books, I use my Bernina mug.
Where do you sew?
My sewing space is very sad.  We live in a very tiny house.  I have a desk in the living room where I keep my machine, serger, thread and all of my tools. I cut on the floor or on the coffee table. My fabric is stored in the bathroom closet and is slowly spreading into the laundry room (currently the shelf that is supposed to be for canned goods and the dryer have stacks of fabric). We are moving in the Fall and high on my list for the next place is a sewing room. I especially would like a high table for cutting and pinning.
This is why sewing on the floor stinks.
My sewing room
What sewing project(s) do you plan to tackle next?
I finished law school this month and have “vacation” for eleven days before bar classes start.  I plan to sew like a madwoman! After that my machine is going in to get serviced and will not come home until after the bar exam. Because this is my last hurrah, I have a somewhat ambitious list although much of it is repeats so they should go quick.  I hope to sew the following:
2 more Renfrews (one solid and one striped)
2 more Jeans
1 more Jalie cardigan
1 more Wiksten dress (in plaid shirting)
And the following new patterns if time permits:
2 Pattern Runway Pussy Blouses
1 Pattern Runway Kimono
1 Pattern Runway Gathered Sundress
I know Erica and Meredith are reading this and shaking their heads. I am kind of known for taking on too much.  I will definitely just try to make it through the list…

6 Responses to “MD Sewist Spotlight: Lauren King”

  1. Gene

    Amazing….. What talent!

  2. Christine Springer

    Wonderful job Lauren! The stuff you have made is beautiful… I am however partial, I like the bag the most. I know first hand your mother can be a wonderful teacher & a great asset to your sewing. After all she is who inspired me to start sewing 4 years ago & she still guides me and I believe I will always lean on her for advice. I might just have to get some advice & ideas from u now.
    Happy sewing!!

  3. Cathy

    Wow. Amazingly prolific for a relatively new sewist. Your sewing space doesn’t look so sad with that shiny Jerkins sitting there. Sure to brighten any space.

  4. Cathy

    Jerkins? Really? Sometimes autofill sucks. I typed Bernina

  5. Lauren King

    This was back when I wasn’t studying for the bar. I dream of August when I get sew again. Happily, August is also when I move down the road from Modern Domestic. Yah!

  6. joan flaherty

    i am so impressed! like mother, like daughter. god bless with the law boards.

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