MD Sewist Spotlight: Caryl Schiavon

Every other week, we’ll be profiling one of our customers to find out a little bit about their sewing life. This week the MD Sewist Spotlight is on Caryl Schiavon.

Caryl (at right) with her new sewing buddy, Rima


1. How long have you been sewing?

I have been sewing about a year. I moved to Portland from Billings, Montana and started making napkins and curtains for my cute pad. I did sew in High School, many, many moons ago, and have made a few items since then. Mostly supposedly Easy patterns — Sew In an Hour and other lies. 

2. Tell us about a favorite recent sewing project.

I just finished a shirt that I made for myself. So happy with it! I made it twice before and had to give it to a smaller family member. The third time was the charm! Ok, I know I should have taken my measurements and traced the pattern on the fancy schmancy swedish tracing paper like Lupine “suggests”. Tears are the sound of learning – Right?



3.  What is your favorite sewing tip/tool?

Tool: rotary cutter. Tip: don’t slice yourself like Meredith did! Lucky for her there is a Zoom Care next door!

4. Where do you sew?

I sew at home when I am doing something simple like the zipper bag, great class! But when I want my hand held through all steps, I head to Modern Domestic!  I have met so many fascinating people there! Rima being the most recent. The other day I was finishing my shirt, Erica had a French Language Radio station on, and Rima (Master Quilter) was singing along with a couple “Merde” thrown in here and there. 

5. What sewing project(s) do you plan to tackle next?

My next project — some pants, a Colette Pattern, and you can bet I will be at Modern Domestic torturing Meredith with silly questions…Am I on the grain? Where is the selvage again? Why did you turn that upside down? Can someone thread my machine??? I forgot my readers AGAIN!!!!

3 Responses to “MD Sewist Spotlight: Caryl Schiavon”

  1. Caryl's Niece

    love the bag with skulls on it! miss my auntie

  2. pattie

    what pattern was used to make the blouses in the above pictures?

  3. lupine

    Both patterns are from New Look. The knit one is 6979 and the other 6179.

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