MD Sewist Spotlight: Autumn Grose

My favorite thing about working at Modern Domestic is being able to meet and spend time with such an amazing community of sewists. I love hearing everyone’s story — whether they are brand new to sewing or have been doing it for years, sewing for fun or starting a business; I always want to know what projects they have going, what skills they are trying to build, what tools they find useful, pretty much anything they want to share related to my favorite subject. We are lucky to have so many interesting, creative people coming into the shop, and so we’ve decided to run a regular post profiling some of our awesome MD customers!  We’re kicking things off with the lovely Autumn Grose:
Autumn and her baby girl.
How long have you been sewing?
I last completed sewing projects back in college – hand-sewing a couple of tarot card bags with my friend until the wee hours of the morning.  Before that, it was a few projects in home ec, which at the time I loved – making pillows and a stuffed Christmas tree.  Other than that, I’ve been sewing for maybe 8-10 months now.  I was turned on to sewing again last year because I wanted to sew children’s clothes, so I purchased a machine from Modern Domestic, took a pillow case class and have been hooked ever since!
Tell us about a favorite recent sewing project.
My most recent project is actually in progress – two of them.  I am making Jane dresses from Patterns by Figgy’s for the daughters of a couple of friends for back-to-school.  They’re easy, great patterns, and my baby girl already has one.  Usually, I sew for my little girl,  as I really enjoy making her fun dresses and tops.
Autumn's daughter wearing a bubble dress Autumn made in the Sewing Japanese: Children's Clothing class with Daniela Caine.
What is your favorite sewing tip/tool?
Honestly, my tip could be one of the more obvious – use swedish tracing because it’s the BEST….or make sure to press everything left and right and up and down.  I think, though, that it’s also a great idea to take sewing classes.  It is a super fun way to get out of the house and learn new tips, and it doesn’t seem to matter if I’m taking a more or less advanced class; I always learn something from the teacher.  Also, it’s neat to see how other people put together the same project in a different way.
Serious cuteness in the Oliver + S Reversible Sun Hat and Picnic Blouse.
Where do you sew?
Sadly, I sew in my bedroom into the wee hours.  As the school year begins, I won’t have that luxury anymore, as I shouldn’t pull as many late nights.  We have a long Ikea table housing the serger and sewing machine, and underneath the table are a couple tubs of fabric.  As much as I dream of owning my Bernina sewing machine, I also dream of having a separate office/sewing space.

Autumn's little helper

What sewing project(s) do you plan to tackle next?
Projects coming up for me include the Vien jacket by Patterns by Figgy’s, another Oliver and S picnic blouse, pants for the baby girl….and finishing up my Colette wrap dress!  I’m super excited to have a cute article of clothing for myself.

Autumn wearing her finished adorable Colette Crepe Wrap dress

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  1. autumn

    how fun! after a hard day’s work teaching, it’s nice to come home and see this! i feel all fancy, having come a long way from pillows and stuffed christmas trees and pumpkins 🙂 i can’t wait to see all the “spotlight” blog posts! thank you 🙂

  2. jaime

    Great work Autumn! It was fun to meet you back in July. I think the Crepe looks fantastic.

  3. Daniela

    wohoo, Autumn! Great article

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