MD Gallery – Rachel Kerley

If you haven’t had a chance to look at the current gallery on display in our classroom, now is a great time! These quilts, by local quilter Rachel Kerley, will be on display for the next few weeks – you do not want to miss out on seeing these beauties.

MD Gallery featuring Rachel Kerley



Rachel Kerley is a local artist and utility quilt maker. The quilts on display represent a cross section of her work of the last 8 years. Rachel designs, pieces, appliqués and then freehand quilts each piece. After having a hand in several hundred quilts over the last 10 years, Rachel remains a devoted enthusiast to the craft of quilt making.

Rachel Kerley - MD Gallery

We love Rachel’s use of mixing subtle tones with classic piecing and detailed quilting.

Rachel Kerley - MD Gallery

“I can express myself. I can create whimsy, create a personal expression of devotion or caring,” Rachel told us in a recent interview. “I’m contributing to something uniquely feminine, with a long gendered Herstory. And then, there is just the awesomeness of gaining warmth from something I made. There is very little about quilting that doesn’t speak to me on a deep physical and spiritual level.”

Rachel Kerley - MD Gallery

Follow Rachel’s studio and makings on Instagram @2ndAveStudio and be sure to check out her blog. We are so happy to have her quilts in our classroom gallery!

The next artist to be featured in the MD Gallery for the month of December is Elizabeth Hartman, an amazing quilter, pattern designer, and author. We have her patterns here in our store and will be getting copies of her latest book, Patchwork City soon!

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    Love! Must stop by to see!!

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