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Quilting is both creative and functional. There are many beautiful quilts that serve their purpose on beds or couches. There are also those quilts that are made to be art. Luke Haynes has created quilts with an intentional visual purpose.

Luke Haynes Quilts | Modern Domestic

The selection of twelve quilts we have in our gallery, and throughout the store, were selected from a 50 piece exhibition by Luke Haynes entitled The Log cabins of Donald Judd.

The basic idea is that I want to make the 50 quilts iterations of the log cabin. All different variations with the same language, all red centers with white and black fabric. All the fabric will be used textiles. so the patterns and language of the details will be dictated by the range of “black” or “white” or “red” that I have access to in the form of used garments/textiles. But will all read as graphic compositions in black and white.

Luke pulled his inspiration from the Donald Judd installation in Marfa, TX – “a permanent installation of 100 untitled works in mill aluminum by Donald Judd installed in two former artillery sheds.” The reason Luke’s exhibition alludes to Judd, “is in the material and iteration and to suggest that the show is objects in space and sculpture and remove the “Quilt” pre-conception of bed and private and valueless.”

Luke Haynes Quilt | Modern Domestic

Luke Haynes Quilts | Modern Domestic

Each quilt was pieced using a variety of recycled clothing and fabric. The intentional fabric choice was in part because Luke “wanted to make a show that isn’t about figure/ground but rather about the understanding the medium and materials and contextualizing the work as object/sculpture.” Throughout the planning and creating process, Luke studied block design and construction. He chose the log cabin block because of it’s history as the first repeatable design.

Luke Haynes Quilts | Modern Domestic

When you first enter our space, you’ll notice the scale of these quilts and the impact they evoke. Luke himself said, “I expect the viewer to be slightly overwhelmed by the exhibition.” It is to be taken in one quilt at a time, allowing the viewer to connect to one or a few quilts they choose.

Luke Haynes Quilts | Modern Domestic

Luke’s quilts will be on display though the end of April. We are thrilled to host our 6th anniversary party while his quilts are on display! Join us for the celebration Thursday, April 7 from 3 – 7. Enjoy sangria and treats while you shop and view these great quilts!

Learn more about The Log Cabins of Donald Judd. Be sure to visit Lukes website and Instagram as well.


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