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In anticipation for May and Mother’s Day we thought it would be special to feature a mother and daughter quilting duo that we’ve always loved. Jean and Valori Wells are talented quilters with a knack for color and technique.  Though their styles are very different, they both use their strengths to create beautiful art we love and appreciate.

Jean Wells / MD Gallery / Modern Domestic

Jean has owned The Stitchin’ Post for 40 years now in Sisters, Oregon. Valori was surrounded by quilting as a child, but didn’t take to it until she was an adult. The two now share their passion and work together from quilting to running their shop.

In a recent interview by Jim Corneliusin in the Sisters Oregon Guide, Jean and Valori talk about their journey from a mother-daughter relationship, to a deep friendship as artists.

“We both respect what each other does and what we do well, and both want the same end result,” Jean says.
Valori elaborates: “We both want each other to have a creative outlet – to be creative and to be successful being creative.”

Valori Wells / MD Gallery / Modern Domestic

Valori and Jean Wells / Modern Domestic / MD Gallery

“She does what she does well and I do what I do well – and I think that’s part of what makes us successful,” says Valori.

Jean Wells / MD Gallery / Modern Domestic

We have a lot to learn from Jean and Valori, not only through their quilting, but also through their unique mother-daughter relationship. We are honored to celebrate Mother’s Day with Jean and Valori’s quilts in our Gallery. You don’t want to miss seeing these beauties in person!

Jean and Valori’s quilts will be on display in our classroom gallery through May.

Valori’s book My Life in Fabric is available in our shop. Jean’s books Intuitive Color and Design and Journey to Inspired Art Quilting are coming soon.

For more information about Jean and Valori, visit The Stitchin’ Post and be sure to check out Sisters, Oregon during the annual Sisters Quilt Show! See Valori on Instagram and visit

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  1. Valori Wells

    Hi… Thank you so much for such a nice post about mom and I…. I have to come up to Portland after Quilt Market and see the gallery!!! XOXOXOX

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