MD Gallery: Heather Jones

Heather Jones describes her quilts as “minimal, graphically bold, with strong lines and a unique sense of color.” We couldn’t agree more. Heather has won us over with her simple designs and rich palette.

Heather Jones Modern Quilt | Modern Domestic

“If it weren’t for my children, I wouldn’t be doing this.”

Much of her inspiration comes from her family, along with quilters such as Denyse Schmidt and other influential women in the industry. Her quilts have also inspired us! We love her take on the modern quilting movement. Her quilts evoke a nostalgic feeling that will pass the test of time even as quilting evolves and changes. HJ 2

Heather launched the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild back in April of 2010. Since then, she’s published her first book, Quilt Local, and a number of patterns. A variety of her quilt patterns are available for purchase in the shop.

HJ 3

HJ split 2

See these quilts in the shop though the middle of August. Visit Heather’s website and Instagram to view her quilts and see what she’s up to!

Heather was interviewed by CraftSanity. Check out her full interview and access the podcast here.

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