MD Gallery: Carolyn Friedlander

“There is so much to making a quilt. Our quilts are stories about who we are, what is going on in our lives and what matters most to us. I love everything about quilt making – the process, the colors, the textures, the history, the way it brings us together. I love that every quilt maker is different, and our quilts reflect that.”

Carolyn Friedlander – Savor Each Stitch

Carolyn Friedlander | Modern Domestic

It’s no surprise that Carolyn studied and worked as an architect prior to finding her niche in quilting. Her fabric designs and quilt construction have a balanced, geometric value to them. With intricate hand sewing techniques and thoughtful machine quilting, Carolyn creates an organic and unique quality to every quilt.

Carolyn Friedlander | Modern Domestic

Carolyn Friedlander | Envelopes | Modern Domestic

Beyond the physical quilts, we can identify with Carolyn’s appreciation of the craft itself.

“I am grateful for the quilters who have come before us, and for all the quilters who will continue making quilts after us. We are all part of an amazing craft that is not only practical, but also a powerful means of expressing ourselves and the worlds we come from. My one wish is that we may each leave a mark that is uniquely our own.”

Carolyn Friedlander | Modern Domestic

Carolyn Friedlander | Modern Domestic

We proudly have Carolyn’s newest fabric collection, Carkai along with a variety of her patterns and her book, Savor Each Stitch available in the shop. These quilts will be on display through the month – be sure to visit the shop to see them in person!

Check out Carolyn Friedlander on Instagram and visit her website too!

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