MD’s Classroom BERNINA Sale!

It’s that time of year again! Take home a current machine at a discounted price. We are bringing in all new BERNINA machines for our classroom space. You know what that means? All current classroom BERNINA sewing machines are now available!

These models include:




BERNINA Q20 Longarm (folding table)

BERNINA Q20 Longarm (sit-down cabinet)

BERNINA Q24 Longarm (frame)

Why we love our classroom sale program:

This bi-annual sale gives us the opportunity to bring new machines into our classroom and sell current models at a discounted price. It’s a win-win-win for us, our students who use our classroom, and our customers looking to purchase a machine. Classroom models come with the same benefits and warranty as a new BERNINA. They also include Machine Owner Classes and additional discounts on accessories, fabric, notions, and tools on your day of purchase and on Machine Owner Class days.



bernina 570 classroom 2019 - Modern Domestic

bernina 480 classroom 2019 Modern Domestic Oregon Portland Lake Oswego BERNINA


bernina 475 classroom 2019 Modern Domestic Oregon Portland Lake Oswego BERNINA

Let’s Talk Longarms:

We rarely have the opportunity to offer, classroom AND preowned machines. But we’ve got options for you! Home delivery also available.

longarm classroom clearance sale 2019 - Modern Domestic


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12 Responses to “MD’s Classroom BERNINA Sale!”

  1. Becky Starr


    I am interested in the 480. Could you please tell what the sale price is?

    Thank you.

  2. Megan

    Interested in what still might be available for someone who wants a basic, jack-of-all trades machine. Also interested in financing options. Thanks!!

    – Megan

  3. Charlene Poston

    May I have the pricing on the three different classroom machines please?

  4. Susan Muhm

    I am interested in up grading to a machine with a BSR. Is a used machine available for purchase? If so, machine and price ?
    Thank you.

  5. Sarah Moore

    This is exciting! Can these be purchased online or do you need to come into MD?

  6. K. Doyle

    Hi! Could you please provide pricing for the 570 and the Q24? Thanks!

  7. Rebekah

    Hi Sarah. Thanks so much for reaching out to us! Classroom machines can be purchased in-store or reserved over the phone. Feel free to call and we’re happy to help get the process started for you. 503-808-9910

  8. Dawn Marquez

    Can I get a price for the 475 & 480 plz

  9. Margo Sartin

    Price for the 475e

  10. Margo Sartin

    Price for the 475e please

  11. Rachel

    Could you let me know the price for the 480 please? Thanks!

  12. Virginia Schaeffer

    I have a Bernina 750 QE and am interested in trading up for a new 770 QE. I have minimal sewing hours on the 750. Just a project here and there. I have all the feet.

    What is the price of the new 770 QE? I have a lightly used 750 QE. What is your best price for trading up to the 770 QE?

    thank youvery muchLooking

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