Matching up Prints for Panels

I have found yet another use for Wash-Away Wonder Tape! I do a lot of home dec sewing – A LOT. One of my favorite home dec projects is making curtains (both shower and window). They are a snap and totally customize your room. When working with windows and baths that are wider than a single panel of fabric, we need to seam two panels together along the grain-line. Unless you are working with a solid fabric, you will need to line up your prints. Here is a simple way to do it.

Press open one seam to your desired seam allowance.

Then place a strip of Wash-Away Wonder Tape along the right side of your seam allowance.

Now flip your piece right side up and align it over the other panel, making the prints line up.

The WAWT helps holds it in place. Now flip the pieces so they are right sides facing and trim your seam allowances down. Straight stitch along the original press line that you made.

Peel away your WAWT and press open your seams. So easy!

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