March Foot of the Month – #25 5-Groove Cording Foot

If you’ve never tried couching, now’s the time–all month the #25 5-Groove Cording Foot is 25% off!

Couching is an embellishment technique–yarns or cords are placed on fabric and stitched in place with a complementary or contrasting thread with a decorative or utility stitch.

The grooves in the #25 5-Groove Cording foot allow for secure feeding and stitching of multiple parallel cords simultaneously.

#25 Cording Foot Modern Domestic

The swing out gate holds them in place and keeps them from tangling while stitching.

#25 Cording Foot / Modern Domestic

With the 5 grooves in this foot, I separated Presencia perle cotton #8 into the far left, middle, and far right grooves. After experimenting with a few zigzag options, I opted for a wide three step zigzag (a lengthened BERNINA stitch #4); this stitch kept the cords spaced evenly so I could highlight the ombre design instead of pushing them together which created a less defined look. I kept a 50 weight polyester thread in the bobbin and used a monofilament thread in the needle to not distract from the thread colors or ombre look. While you’re experimenting, try different decorative stitches to change the look of your couch as well as a variety of fibers and threads.

#25 5-Groove Cording Foot at Modern Domestic

For Sewing Society, Erica and I designed and created this lined tote bag with riveted leather handles and embellished with a simple but beautiful crossed couching design. The open space on the tote provided a great canvas for highlighting couching.

#25 cording foot tote Modern Domestic

#25 5-Groove Cording Foot at Modern Domestic

BERNINA’s video on using all their couching feet options is well worth the look. Couch it up!

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