Making Patterns that Fit

Talking about making patterns scares a lot of people, and it shouldn’t. It’s fun and easy for anyone with basic math skills to do. Sure, you need to learn about things like body curves and remember to think in terms of fractions, but that gets easier once you start to play with patterns.

In the flat pattern classes at Modern Domestic, you can make basic fitting shells for your body and use them to create anything, and I mean anything that you can think of! See a cute top in store you want to copy, but you can’t find a pattern for it? Make it yourself! Tired of skirts that gape at the back of your waist, or ride up on your hips? Fix that by making a pattern that’s meant for your individual curves.

After you make skirt and bodice slopers, you can even combine them to create cute dresses. I recently made one using my bodice and skirt slopers, because I wanted an A-line dress with pockets, but I couldn’t find one that fit me the way I wanted it to. The bust area was usually too small, and the pockets weren’t deep enough to even carry my phone in. So after designing one myself, and deciding on fabric, closures, and the fit in general, I got to work and had a new dress within a few hours.

I have a feeling I’ll be making quite a few more of these easy-to-sew dresses to wear with tights and boots this winter!

And a dress with pockets? Come on- everybody loves those!

So if you’re nervous about making your own patterns- don’t be! It’s incredibly rewarding and you’ll never have to question whether or not one of the garments you sew will fit again. There’s a Flat Pattern for Skirts session starting up this Sunday, or if you need help getting a pattern you’re working on now to fit, I can help you at the Pattern Clinic!

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  1. autumn

    i desperately want to take a pattern-making class, so, i’ll squeeze one in soon-ish, but i’ll be on the river this sunday. can’t wait to try a class with amy 🙂

  2. jaime

    Wish I lived there…I would love this class.

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