Making new Friends: The Needle Shop

Recently, Michelle and I had the chance to spend nearly two weeks in the greater Chicago area. As you may have noticed from our facebook page, we were in BERNINA land. There were a total of three weeks of training, loads of wonderful people, the most amazing sewing machines ever made, and very c-c-cold weather.

Such a nice color for the front door, don't you think?

We spent most of our days in warm hotel rooms in the Aurora area, and only on the very last day made it to any of the places we had hoped to visit. We got to spend over an hour at The Needle Shop and were totally lucky because the owner, Rachel, was there and super friendly and showed us around her very darling store.

Lovely cutting table in the center of the space

Sewing studios are kind of a new thing. There was a great article in Vogue Patterns this month, that listed a few. We were pleased to be among them! Finding a space that offers use of machines, classes, and other tools is not as easy to find as a great quilt shop or amazing fabric store. Well, I think Bolt is truly one of a kind, so I take that last part back. The Needle Shop is a special space. The fabric is displayed on rolls, which really shows it off nicely. There is a cozy dining room table in the middle of the space that is used for cutting fabric, and a most welcoming book area, with a carefully selected display of drool-worthy titles, some of our favorite patterns, and a small, but thoughtful, selection of notions and tools.

If you happen to find yourself in the Chicago area, take a peek at this jewel-box of a store. Their classes look amazing, and they also offer a Friday Night Sew-cial! No wonder we liked them so much.

Pretty fabric displayed on the roll instead of bolt.

5 Responses to “Making new Friends: The Needle Shop”

  1. Erika Sews

    I love The Needle Shop! But I always end up spending too much, I just can’t resist those awesome fabrics…

  2. Lisa

    I was raised in Chicago, lived in Naperville then further West to Yorkville and then finally Sandwich, IL before moving to the Ozarks (MO). I enjoyed going to QBU (Quilting Books Unlimited) and spent way too much time and money there, also The Fabric Store in Morris, IL was a great place to buy my equipment. I am planning on making a quick trip back to Chicago the end of April and if I have the time will try to stop in Bolt. Thanks for the great feature.

  3. lupine

    Hi Lisa, We are located in Portland, OR, not Chicago. We did just spend some time at BERNINA USA in Naperville though, what a sweet little town. You could visit The Needle Shop while there, it is in Chicago and very sweet.

  4. Deb

    I have never heard of the Needle Shop and I live in Naperville….I know you live in Portland but can you tell where specifically the Needle Shop is that you visited when you were in Aurora, Il?

  5. lupine

    The Needle Shop is in Chicago. There is the link for you! Hope you can make the trip, it is a wonderful shop and absolutely inspiring and worth a visit. Tell them we said HI!

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