Making a List

It’s the time of year for list-making; maybe for yourself or for the crafter in your life.  Here at MD we’re so lucky to have such a wonderful and knowledgable staff and group of teachers.  And what better way to compile your list of must-have work essentials than to get their top choices.  We’ll be featuring several Wish Lists over the month so keep a look out for your favorites’ picks.  First up:  Anna Joyce!


1. Bernina 450

Lupine gave me the chance to use the Bernina 450 and explore some of the amazing decorative stitches that is has to offer and I have not been so inspired artistically since my years in art school.  I keep day dreaming about all of the designs and applications for the stitches and wishing I could do nothing but sew on that machine all day long.  And the most exciting thing is that I do not even have the faintest idea of what this machine is capable of- I am sure it would reveal its treasures for years to come.

2. Wall of Thread

I am constantly inspired by color and to have a wall of fresh thread waiting for me in the studio every morning would be dreamy.

3. Table with Rulers

I would love a cutting table like they have at MD-the height is perfect and it is chock full of rulers and cutting tools all at your fingertips.

4. A Japanese Sewing Class

Taking the guesswork out of those oh-so-inspiring, hard to read Japanese craft and clothing books.  Daniela is amazing!

5. Cut N Press Board

A must have for applique!  Perfect your placement during the design process with no need to transfer to the ironing board.

6. Babylock Imagine

Need I say more?? And it does the most amazing rolled hem…swoon.

7. Bobbinsaver

I have often said that I wish there were someone who sat in my studio just waiting to wind bobbins for me-I hate stopping my work to wind a bobbin, but at MD there are magical cute red rubber rings brimming with full bobbins in amazing colors.  Again-swoon.

8.  Everything Susanna Scott makes.

Handprinted and gorgeous.

9. Bolt

I would like a $1000 gift certificate at Bolt.  Or you could just move the contents of the entire store to my studio and leave food and water outside the door and let me cut and sew and applique happily for a year or more.  Maybe with all that sewing my dream of making “a pillow a day” for 2011 could be real…

Anna Joyce is a textile artist, designer and teacher of applique at MD.

Everything I make for my line Anna Joyce Design is handmade in my home studio here in Portland. All of my designs are hand cut, hand sewn and most are one of a kind. I am very inspired by vintage textiles, mixing pattern and color and creating small works of beauty and that you and your home can delight in.
You can find me at and please say hi!

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