Make Felt with Margy

Margy Alexander shares a bit more about the process of making felt. The softness of the wool, endless possibilities design wise and fun of exploring fiber all become evident in these pictures she has provided. There is a class coming right up this Saturday the 22nd at 1:30, so have a look and see what fun it will be to explore design and color with Margy.

These are the stages our sampler will go though in the beginner felt class with individual colour and design, individuality emerges as well, the uses for our pieces of felt are infinately fascinating!

This is a simple felted project. It’s from my ‘blessings’ series…this motif representing kind and constant intent, a blessing to the fibres as they weave into each other and metamorphosise into whatever the surprising outcome may be.

Lay out wool fibre:


add embellishment:


the mysterious and fun felting part:


after this we ‘full’ the felt by rolling and throwing, then we have this:


This piece of felt fiber can be turned into many things. We have a beautiful pillow on the couch at Modern Domestic that receives a lot of compliments. It is a wonderful contrast to the simple square pillows and adds warmth and depth.


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  1. Nancy Ricci

    Ooooh so cool!

    Margy is the best…Is going to be such a fun fun class!

  2. margy alexander

    : ))

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