Machine Embroidery, Portlandia-Style

If you had asked me two days ago how I felt about machine embroidery, I could have gone on and on about how uninspired, perfectly executed (in a bad way), and completely against my general aesthetic it is. Full of disdain for the travesity in which it is. Ask me about it now. I dare you. Because you’re going to get the most ridiculously giddy reaction when I get to talk about “my Deco.” As a part of full dealership status, we’ve been receiving new machines like no one’s business and one is the Deco 340.  This machine is purely embroidery (so no dress-making on it), but easy to use and fun.  I know, I said it.  Machine embroidery is fun!

"my Deco"

At the top of the list is monogramming. I’ve always had such a soft spot for monogramming. But monogramming doesn’t have to be initials on hand towels. It doesn’t even have to be initials. Those 3 letters can be any 3 letters.  Why not PDX?  Why not SEW?

And why does a deer have to be brown? Why not pink?

Now granted, not all embroidered designs are equal.  This guy has its fair share of traditional images.  There are lots of embroidery cards and USB sticks with designs you can pick your favs from. As we get deeper into learning all BERNINA can offer, perhaps I can get into designing my own embroidery designs.  But the point I’m truly trying to make is this–all of the machines and fancy feet and embroidered designs are there as tools for your own interpretation.  It’s what you choose to do with them that can turn something antiquated into something modern.

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  2. Terri

    Do you have embroidery classes or can customers use the embroidery machine during open sewing times? I want to incorporate some embroidery in with a quilt I’m making, but I was planning on paying someone to do it because I don’t own a machine. Just a thought…

  3. lupine

    Machine Embroidery is not a part of open sewing right now, but we do offer an Embroidery DIY session that would be perfect for your needs. You can find the class description under Machine Embroidery on our class pages. This session gives you a chance to stitch out 2 patterns and includes stabilizer and thread. If you have any other further questions, please feel free to call or email. Thanks!

  4. Kathryn

    Does you machine have the ability to do faggoting style embroidery? I’m looking for someone to stitch the name of a business on curtains/linen. I can send you an image of what I’m looking for.
    Hey, I’m in the same building in pdx with supportland!


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