Loving the Local

pattern weights photo by chooselocal.org

It is a great week for spreading the word about Modern Domestic. We have had two lovely pieces in one short week and are totally feeling the love. It is wonderful to hear what people think, see, and feel when they come in to MD. And the photos, they are just beautiful. Have a look at what the Choose Local folks have to say about MD.

We had a great time with Lily and Michael and hope they come back and sew with us soon. Choose Local is a great organization that supports independent businesses through a network of mutually supportive relationships.

This blurb from their website says it all:

Why Shop Local?

Why should I shop locally rather than at a big national chain? A dollar spent at a locally owned store is usually spent 6 to 15 times before it leaves the community. From $1.00, you create $5.00 to $14.00 in value within that community. Spend $1.00 at a national chain store, and 80% of it leaves town immediately…

We think being a part of the local independent business community here in Portland is super dreamy. All this support and understanding of the difference between us and the big box stores is something to be proud of for sure.

wrist pincushion photo by chooselocal.org

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  1. Michael Sant

    hi, hope you like our article. I have been promoting your place and have gotten a few people to take your classes. I really hope you can help us and sign up to be part of the choose local program. You can sign up here: Join


  2. Ravyn

    My husband and I are coming to Portland next week!! We’re visiting Amy (she works at MD). I can’t wait to come see the store!! I’ve heard so much about it 🙂

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