Bigger is Better with the Aurora 450

Today through the 22nd you can receive a guarenteed trade in value on any Aurora machine of at least $250 dollars. That even applies to a broken down clunker unearthed from your grannies basement. Come on in and meet Erica’s favorite Aurora, the 450. It will make you weak in the knees.

Lately I can’t stop thinking about my dream machine. Probably because it is sitting a mere 20 feet from me in the shop.

Oh, hello there Aurora 450, aren't you looking lovely today!

If you’ve taken classes here you might have some experience with the mighty Aurora series — our downstairs classroom is full of gorgeous Aurora 440QE’s. The Aurora 450 is a recent addition to the shop, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should.   It’s the only machine in the Aurora series with a 9mm stitch width, and it boasts a whopping 9 different buttonholes. Combine those two features and look what you get:

Gorgeousness! Whoever thought you could get this excited about a buttonhole? It is amazing what a difference 4 additional millimeters can make. As a comparison, I’ve sewn a similar buttonhole on the Aurora 430 next to the one done on the Aurora 450.

Still beautiful, but I love how the 9mm stitch width on the Aurora 450 buttonhole produces a beefier, more substantial look.

Meredith recently wrote a great post about using decorative stitches, which can be found here. Like her, I’m super excited about all of the possibilities a wider stitch allows for, especially when it comes to using all of the Aurora 450’s different fonts. There are four, including the Cyrillic alphabet. Who knows, that addition may just inspire me to learn Russian!

The trade-up to Aurora event is happening May 12th – 25th, so now is a great time to come and get cozy with one of these awesome machines.

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  1. Anna

    I LOVE my 450. LOVE it.

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