Love your neighbors

It's better than's Supportland!

It’s a social revolution and it starts here, now.  Maybe you’ve heard about Small Business Saturday, the movement to encourage holiday shoppers to remember and support small businesses in their communities.  Sounds good, right?  Many of you know Modern Domestic is a part of the Supportland network, a Portland-based small business-promoting community and rewards initiative.  In their words, “With big-box technology in the hands of the little guys, anything is possible.”  And we Portland Little Guys are doing our best to provide the tools and knowledge to not only buy local but give handmade.  This Saturday November 27th, Supportland is offering TRIPLE POINTS for those Supportland card holders shopping locally.  In addition to sewing machines and accessories, MD’s got handmade goods for those not-so-crafty-inclined.  Or give yourself a gift by signing up for a class and learn something new.  You can’t go wrong.  And since I’ve got your attention, consider “wrapping” your holiday gifts in something reusable–like fabric or a reusable grocery bag.  Pretty awesome.

Come on in and buy handmade or make it yourself!

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