Lone Star Quilt Templates

I am absolutely in love with Clover’s Trace & Create Quilt Templates. They come in a couple different designs — the uber traditional Lone Star and Hexagon patterns. Both templates make these more advanced designs a lot simpler and frankly, more likely to use.

Although the patterns are not created in the same traditional way, these templates can make this style both easy and approachable. I am currently using the Simplified Lone Star template that allows you to choose between 4 sizes — 36″, 32″, 24″ and 12″ blocks. The first project I did was a simple 24″ single lone star block made into a pillow.

It was super fun and I learned a few tricks along the way. After I purchased some of the lovely Echo fabric from Lotta Jansdotter, I wanted to make a quilt that allowed large scale prints to stay big and bold. Doing my second lone star project was the obvious choice to match the cool, modern print. I love taking a traditional design and giving it a current flare. Denyse Schmidt’s new book Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration, which recently arrived at MD shares that love.

You start out by picking the size star you are after and simply line up your templates with a cut edge, trace and cut.

Clover’s handy chart helps you figure out how many of each of the three template pieces you should cut out. Once you have them all stacked by letter, you are ready to sew in the order of the directions given.

My quilt pattern looks so simple and modern, exactly what I was aiming for — 4 large lone stars with a pale grey background. Love it! I just have to finish the backing and I am ready for my second round on the quilt frame. This project was so fun, I thought it might make a nice beginning quilt class???


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  1. autumn

    you ladies are machines with these quilts! i love that fabric 🙂

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