Knits for Kids

One of the best things I have ever done to increase my sewing skills is sewing for my kids. I think it was particularly useful for a few reasons. First, I tend to make two of the same thing, one for each girl. We all know that repeating a pattern/project helps us become a better sewist, but sometimes it gets kind of, well, boring. For the kids, I do it production style: trace both sizes, cut both sizes, sew both shoulder seams, finish bodices… you get the drift.

Hopscotch Knit Dresses

Also, it has been a great way to try new skills with a smaller commitment of time and investment. With a girls size 6 pattern you just need a whole lot less fabric than a woman’s size 12. Plus, the kids are usually so excited to wear things I have made, it feels great when they say “my mama made my new dress” to their teachers and friends. Pretty cute! And if it all ends in disaster, I tend to fret much less because my expectations are just a bit smaller.

Working with knits is an area of sewing that I have much to learn about. I have had some successes (Renfrew top) and failures (mostly in edge finishing), but these two little green dresses were very successful. I used the Hopscotch pattern from Oliver+S. I made the simple view B with no adjustments. I wanted to start by following all the directions so that I can make some changes to the pattern for the next pair of dresses. My goal is to make this sleeveless, take out the criss-cross top, add ruffle cap sleeves, all sorts of small adjustments to play around with. I love the dress Heather made, and want to make the bodice and sleeve adjustments with this pattern that make her version so sweet.

Do you sew for kids? What do you love about it most? Do your kids like what you sew? It is pretty fun, and this is a great pattern to try!

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  1. autumn

    as you know, i love sewing for my baby girl! i truly enjoy it, because it’s for someone i love and adore, and she gets excited when i finish something new for her. her newest thing seems to be skirts – i’ll hopefully whip up her second skirt ever tonight.

    i LOVE that knit fabric and wish i could find it somewhere! :O

  2. Debra

    I always loved sewing for kids – starting with making tiny little flannel clothes for my first born – my son, my son. And dresses for my daughter – her whole childhood – all the way up to her eight grade graduation dress. Plus of course all those Halloween costumes along the way. Its so fulfilling!!

  3. Debra

    P.S. Could you get me those sweet pics of my grand daughters in their Hopscotch Dresses!!

  4. lupine

    Autumn, you are one of my sewing-for-my-kids inspirations! You are always up to the very cutest patterns and projects for you girlie. She is so lucky to have a mama that loves to sew her cute stuff!

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