Kitchen Towels in a Snap

I have REALLY been needing to buy new kitchen towels. You feeling me? I didn’t want to spend a ton, so I went to the Swedish Superstore. I scoured through their ever-changing selection and didn’t find any that I liked. When I swept by their fabric department, I found some striped cotton fabric that I liked but had no idea what I would use it for. Make towels! So easy. So cheap. Done.

To make 6 nice-sized towels, you will need 1 3/4 yards of 54″ wide fabric. Cut 6 pieces: 31″ x 18″. You will double hem all four sides 1/2″ for each hem. Begin by hemming the long sides.


Once you have ironed down your double hems on both long sides, use your edge stitching foot and straight stitch, lengthen your stitch length to 3.5 and move your needle position over to the right.

Edge stitch down both long sides and then repeat ironing and sewing the same way down both short sides. All done! You will have 6 new towels to proudly hang in your kitchen!

3 Responses to “Kitchen Towels in a Snap”

  1. Michael Card

    I’ve willingly and lovingly gulped down my pint of Bernina kool aid with a crazy straw, converted MD into my second home away from home, secretly adopted the MD goddesses as partners in crime, and learned to wave off the inqueries about my state of mind whenever I’m caught hugging my 350 PE. I have to ask: “How awesome is the #10 presser foot?”

  2. lupine

    Michael! This may just be our best blog comment EVER! Not because of your witty banter, but because you have finally acknowledged that there is in fact BERNINA kook aid, we are totally goddesses, and sewing machines can actually hug you back! You are a pleasure to have as a part of our sewing world. Can’t wait to have you back for the next class!

  3. Michael Card

    Queen MD Goddess Lupine: Thank you for sprinkling your intoxicating magic faerie dust upon my words. Foxy Boxers are on the horizon, so I’ll see you all very soon. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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