Kaci Kyler Quilts!

We have a new show of quilts up on display by Kaci Kyler in our downstairs classroom! Each month, with the help of our quilting teacher Rachel Kerley, we are showcasing the work of an inspiring quilter, and Kaci’s quilts are sure to do just that! 

We are so inspired by Kaci’s quilts – we love her use of solids:


Kaci Kyler describes herself as, “I am a Quiltmaker. I love the art, I love the tradition, I love that I am a painter and fabric is my medium… Quilt-making is fulfilling, it feeds my heart and soul.”


Come into the shop and read Kaci’s full artist statement and enjoy her quilts!  We’re pretty sure that after you see Kaci’s quilts, you will want to stock up on some Kona solids for your next quilt!!

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  1. Eileen Trudeau

    Thank you for displaying Kaci’s quilts. They are bold, captivating. I was immediately drawn to them. I keep returning to MD so that I can take them in again and again. Looking forward to seeing more of your work, Kaci.

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