Introducing the BERNINA 5 Series

Pretty, modern, and arriving at MD in just a matter of weeks!

We met them in Texas, you will meet there here at MD in just a few more weeks. These machines are beautiful! They are packed with features, and we are going to burst with excitement when the boxes arrive in the shop. I wanted to share with you three little video introductions to the BERNINA 530, BERNINA 550QE and the BERNINA 580.

I have to be honest, these videos make me feel all emotional (read: I almost cried when watching them). I am not sure if it is because BERNINA is doing such an excellent job marketing these pretty machines right to me, the mother, wife, sewisit, modern young lady, or because pretty much everything makes me cry a little most of the time, but they are lovely little short videos that will both peek and satisify your curosity at the same time!

3 Responses to “Introducing the BERNINA 5 Series”

  1. Jen S

    Wow! They do make you all emotional!

  2. lupine

    I know! Right? And they totally make me want to gather a group of friends together and sew some heirloom projects to pass from generation to generation.

  3. autumn

    videos!?? gotta watch later when i have a moment. and i hope it doesn’t make it harder for me to decide on a machine!

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