If Only We All Were 11

Modern Domestic hosted an eleven year old birthday party Sunday. We had five girls and they all finished darling skirts. All the girls but one had some previous sewing experience, so they got right to it. Shelly took them through her project runway skirt class in about two hours. They were thrilled, and so were we! Here is an excerpt from Shelly’s post about the party.


This past Sunday I taught a “Project Runway” skirt class to a group of really fun 11 year olds. It was a special sewing birthday party!  During my childhood I remember cake and ice cream but I don’t recall getting to have a sewing party! All but the birthday girl had sewing experience but she was sewing as well as her friends by the end of the class. Kids are terrific this way, no fear just fun. They were ready to start sewing and designing as soon as they arrived. The shiny machines, tool kits and fabrics awaiting for them was so exciting for the girls. Modern Domestic had tape measures and even made them their own little notions bag, so cute!


We started with learning how to take their own measurements and then broke out the Swedish tracing paper. Using a little math & a long non-slip ruler, designing the A-line skirt for just themselves was next. Kids are awesome because everything is fun for them. As soon as they cut out their pattern piece they immediately began to dance around saying “ohhh, look at my new skirt, ohhh”. Once they cut out their skirts before they sewed them up they danced around again. You can imagine how much fun they had once they actually sewed the skirt together. I think turning 11 for our birthday girl was a party that in where she’ll remember more than just the cake and ice cream.


Thank you girls for being so nice, respectful & fun. You made feel like I wanted to be 11 again!


Thanks to the birthday girl, all her guests, Shelly, and Roma for making this a great first MD party. If you would like to schedule a birthday party, baby shower (think quilts and burp cloths and bibs), wedding shower, or any other kind of private event, give us a call.

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  1. S Boddington

    I am very interested in having a sewing party to celebrate my daunter’s 12th birthday. Can you give me some details such as time, cost, materials, etc.?
    Than you!

  2. lupine

    Hi there,

    We would love to help you with the party!We would do it as a private class and for a class/party with 4/6 kids it would be $240 for 2 hours. This price includes a teacher and the space and all tools, but the project would determine the supplies. We could figure out if they want to make pillows, zip pouches or something else and go from there on supplies. Depending on the class, it may need to be a bit longer as well, which would change the price. Let me know if you have further questions, and please email me at lupine@moderndomesticpdx.com or call the shop. Phone # is right in the upper right corner of the home page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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