How to Hem Jeans

Amy shares a great jean hemming tip over at Really Handmade. Have a look, you will be amazed at this cool way to get your jeans to look like you picked them up from the tailors.

I have quite a few favorite tools when it comes to sewing. I’ve used countless brands of scissors, rulers, and pins, and all of my favorite kinds are here at Modern Domestic. I have a love affair with Ginghers. It’s kind of a sick obsession really, but how could it not be? Super sharp Ginghers cut thick fabrics like butter. Love ’em.

Whenever you’re working with thick fabrics like denim, you have to have sharp heavy scissors. Unless you have incredible hand muscles and you’re not a wimp like me. I personally like the 8″ knife edge bent scissors. The tips are really sharp and they make quick work of multiple thicknesses of fabric.

Seam gauges are also handy little tools. They are inexpensive and nice to have around when you need to remember a measurement. The blue plastic slider can be adjusted for measuring seam allowances, dart depths, or anything else you can think of.

I think that having sharp sewing pins is underrated. Dull pins can cause runs in delicate fabrics and actually ruin your project. We’ve got sharp little glass head pins at shop, which is nice when you’re pressing because your iron won’t melt them.

We’re always happy to help you learn the value of nice tools here at MD. Our toolkits have all of these notions in them for you to use, along with many other sewing must-haves. Learning with high quality tools will not only make your projects easier to do, it will be less stressful when your scissors actually cut, your seam allowances are the proper depth, and your pins are sharp and won’t melt.

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