Project Organize: Patterns

Ever since I moved my sewing studio from my light-filled but tiny sunroom to our LARGEST bedroom (jealous?), I have been on a quest to find the perfect balance between functionality and organization. I find that some of the most organized rooms look sterile and not used like a good studio should be. There needs to be a balance. My original set-up has changed now that I have spent a good couple hundred hours sewing in there. I mindlessly hung my thread racks next to my cutting table and my hooks for hanging my rulers, pattern weights and rotary cutters next to my sewing table. What was I thinking? Last week I got out the drill and made those necessary changes.


This week, my patterns were going to finally get dealt with. Until today, they piled up on a random bin that doubled as my cat’s favorite spot to nap while I sewed. I have racked my brain trying to figure out the best way to organize them, keeping my original patterns with my swedish tracing paper versions together.


Yesterday I was at Office Depot and decided to look for some type of sleeve to store everything together. I found the perfect solution — clear job ticket pockets and book rings! This allows me to store my original pattern along with my swedish tracing paper customized to my size. I get squirmy anytime I think of a new use for my label maker (I know I’m not alone!) and this was the final touch for my easy organizing project. All of these will hang neatly on the rod in my sewing studio closet. Happiness. If you have found any easy solutions for organizing your patterns, please leave a comment!


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  1. Helen c

    You have summed up my exact problem in finding a go od way to organize my space. I want practical, organized, and just nice to be in! Now I want to see more pictures of your space! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Corrinna

    Love it and the funny thing is I organize my patterns the exact same way! Clear sheet protectors get fulled with the original pattern and any class handouts then I hang with the ‘O’ ring over my hung traced pattern.

  3. Elizabeth Buss

    I love organizing things! 🙂 While at the Art Institute, I was constantly trying to find the best ways to store and transport all of my projects. In my draping class, I was producing a new drape and pattern every week. I ended up using a portable expanding file folder. Each pocket houses the muslin drape and paper pattern for each project. It was easy for me to carry to and from school, and now it’s great that all that work is so accessible and easy to find whenever I need it. Sheet protectors in a 3-ring binder is also a favorite organizing system of mine.

  4. michelle

    In my attempt to properly set up my new room, I will posting about organizing other areas such as fabric, thread, accessories, rulers, etc. I love getting all of the feedback sharing other ideas!!

  5. Staci

    I have struggled with this problem and your solution is brilliant! I will definitely have to do a changeover when I do a big sort of my studio in the next few weeks!


    ok, maybe after a triple shot of go-go juice I will be inspired. Great idea!

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