Hot Hot Heat Sewing

It has been a chilly summer here in PDX. Except for yesterday! Finally the temps are climbing, and with it brings the urge for perfect summer clothing. Complete with comfort, style, and ease. Luckily, I have been eyeballing the Wiksten Tank for some time, since last summer I think. And after our little trip out East, and a couple of Liberty of London fabric scores at Purl Patchwork I had just the fabric (Liberty fabric is available locally at both Josephine’s Dry Goods and Bolt).

In my internet research about this very simple pattern, it was apparent to me that drape and fabric choice are everything when it comes to this pattern. Sewing this with stiff fabric just would not provide a result that would be attractive or comfortable. Liberty of London Tana Lawn to the rescue! Also, Liberty is so lovely, that a simple tank dress would not only show it off, but be totally satisfying to wear as well.

I purchased the tiled downloadable version of the pattern and am very happy with it. I knew I would use my Liberty, so I whipped up a quick muslin in the size recommend for my measurements. IT WAS HUGE! So I made another muslin two sizes smaller. I was prepared to cheat and not actually make the second muslin, but Meredith reminded me I was about to cut into my precious Liberty fabric and I really ought to take the time to make that second quick muslin. I am so glad I did, it was just the right size.

This pattern went together quickly and easily. I did do French Seams, as it suggested, and am glad I did. I discovered that a belt or tie was necessary, as there are no darts or shaping features of this dress (I knew that already, and was prepared for this). I wear it with a wide gold belt, and love it, but thought a thin fabric tie would be summery as well, so this morning I whipped one up in about 20 minutes! The only problem is that I need to make more. As the temperature rises, I want to wear it every day!

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  1. autumn

    you ladies and your cute dresses!! i’ll have to look that up 🙂

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