Home Sewn Weekend featured instructor Blair Stocker

We can’t wait to ‘fois bois’ pillows with Wise Craft author Blair Stocker at our Home Sewn Weekend this October. We had a moment to chat with Blair and she was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about sewing, crafting, and her new book Wise Craft.


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You mention in your book that your grandmother taught you how to sew: will you share a favorite memory of crafting with her with us?  
My grandmother used to make these knitted booties with big pompoms on the top of them. We all had a pair and I remember her teaching me the knit stitch to make those when I was very little (maybe 4!)
We are so excited that you are traveling down here for our inaugural Home Sewn Weekend.  Do you have any favorite places to shop for vintage in Portland that you are willing to share with us? 
I actually haven’t done much vintage shopping in Portland; I’m usually too busy seeing friends and getting inspired in The Pearl District area (Canoe!). Maybe that will change this trip- there’s whole sections of Portland I have yet to explore, so being there is always exciting.
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We are slowly creeping into fall here although lately it feels a lot more like summer. What is your favorite craft to do this time of year?
Even without realizing it, I always pull out yarn and start crocheting this time of year. I love having yarn near my chair in our family room; I can just grab a hook and start when we settle in as a family in the evening (right now we’re binge-watching X-Files).
Is there a crafting or sewing project on your bucket list?
I have only dipped my toe into sewing my own clothes, but I’m working hard on demystifying it in my head. I’d love to sew more and more of my own clothes. Smocking would be cool to learn too. And pottery-making….
What project/and or advice would you suggest to someone who is new to crafting?
I think often people who haven’t tried crafting or making things might feel like they need to know all the ins-and-outs of the craft before they can really get started, but it never has to be that way. Trying it is the most important step. Want to make a quilt? Sew some squares together, and you might find you’re better at it than you think. Just get started.
Who in the world of sewing and crafting inspires you?
Denyse Schmidt, Anna Maria Horner, my online creative friends, those who push through moments of frustration and are willing to share it with us all. I love working at making things each day knowing that so many of us are doing the same, in all different places.

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We are looking forward to hanging out with Blair and know you will have a great time with her too! Space is limited in our Home Sewn Weekend event. Sign up online or give us a call at the store (503) 808-9910 to reserve your spot today.

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