Holiday Gift Guide: Day Five

To finish up our week of gift giving ideas we’ve got something special! At the end of this blog we’ve got a giveaway that you won’t want to miss out on. But first, another great gift for your sewists – the gift of sewing!

Register a friend for one of our upcoming sewing classes! We’ve got a variety of classes for everyone from first timers to well seasoned sewists. Do you know a creative someone that would love to take a sewing class? Sign up online! 

If you’d like to gift a class but are unsure which one to pick, how about a gift card? Also available online, our MD gift cards can be applied to sewing machines, fabric and classes!

Here it is! Because we are really feeling this season of gift giving and we love you to bits, we’d like to give you a gift! Comment below with the class you’d like to take with a friend and you and a friend could win a free class!

win a sewing class for you and a friend

Limit one class per person. Up to $100 credit applied toward any class for each winner. Must be redeemed by March 31, 2015. Comment by December 25th, winner will be announced December 27th.

82 Responses to “Holiday Gift Guide: Day Five”

  1. Lauren King

    I love MD and all very special friends I’ve made at MD. I want my friend and new sewer, Berit, to love MD too. If I win we would take the quilt camp class or the box cushion. I would let her pick 😉

  2. Martha

    I would like to take the beginner’s quilting class with my either one of my two besties (Gotta put both their names or they would kill me! :-)) Sarah or Katrin.

  3. Catherine

    Archer Button-Up Shirt!

  4. Mary Ann

    I would love to take the machine quilting basics class!

  5. Kati Tobler

    I would love to take the quilt on the frame class or the machine quilting basics! Thanks for the chance!

  6. thao

    I would love to take my friend Denise to Boxcar Tote! She’s super advanced but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind doing a class with me!

  7. Robin

    I would love to take either the quilt on the frame class or the Archer shirt class!

  8. Laura

    I would love to take the beginners sewing class with my friend Alicia. We’ve both sewn before but it’s been a while. I have a bunch of homewares and alterations in mind and she just bought a large box of vintage sewing patterns.

  9. Gretchen

    I would love to take the adult quilt camp class. I have never made a quilt before, but want to, so this would be great to learn the basics.

  10. Elsa

    It would be lots of fun to take the Archer Button Up shirt with my friend Annie! December 27th just happens to be my birthday too!
    Thanks so much for this lovely giveaway!!!

  11. Berit

    I’m a new sewer that could stand to learn so much from any of the great MD classes. I can’t wait for the Archer shirt class. I have always wanted to make a quilt so I would take one of the quilting classes and bring along my super-sewer friend LK.

  12. Jennifer Zarnoch

    Archer button up shirt, all the way. It looks amazing!!! Or maybe Quilt Camp if my friend preferred, depends who’s available and their sewing skill.

  13. Jane

    I have taken two classes at MD in the past month and I’m looking forward to many more!

  14. emme

    I would like a serger class to finally get me to use mine properly!
    But to share a class, I would love to make a boxcar tote with a bestie.


  15. Elizabeth

    I would love to take the t-shirt class with my friend Melissa!

  16. Karleen

    I would bring my daughter, Paige, to the invisible zipper Pillow class. She came with me to the pajama bottoms class and I think I just might have her hooked!

  17. Lisa

    I would love to take the Archer Button Up shirt class with a friend! Have always been intimidated by the button up shirt, class would be super helpful!

  18. Kristen Edmiaston

    My friend Sara and I took the Quilt Camp class together and we would love to take the next level Quilt University class, but really, any class would be great!

  19. Amy Surface

    Oh, how I would love to win! I come often to MD mostly to bask in all the glory of Bernina, smell the new fragrance of fabulous fabrics, and to take classes offered by the best in town! 🙂

  20. Jenna Grimm

    I would love to surprise my friend with your T-Shirts class!

  21. Emily k

    Ooo! I’d take a quilting class or the Dahlia class and bring my mom!

  22. Denise

    I would love to give my friend Thao a class so she can finally start learning to sew like she keeps saying she will!

  23. Becks

    I would love to take the boxcar tote class and the tshirt class!

  24. Maria

    Quilt Frame Basics would be so fun to do with a friend !

  25. Jen

    This stay at home Mom would love a girls day with my crafty friend at MD!

  26. Jenny

    I’d love to take the Archer button up shirt class with my friend Havi!

  27. Natalie

    I would love to take the archer shirt class with my friend Andrea! She’s been wanting to come in for classes and this might be the motivation!

  28. Pam Raby

    I would love to take the t-shirt class or quilt frame basics. If we’re lucky enough to win though, I’ll let my friend Mallory decide!

  29. Michelle

    I really want to take the Archer class, but the Boxcar tote is tempting too. And I have many friends that would enjoy both it is hard to decide…

  30. Julie76

    Oooooo, I would love to learn quilting!

  31. Andrea

    Just teach me how to quilt! I’m in!!

  32. Cat Gerstenschlager

    The t shirt class would be my pick. I really want to learn more about knits.

  33. Denise Lyon

    I would love to take the serger basics class, amongst many others!

  34. Patricia

    I would love the Archer Button Up Shirt class. Perhaps it would get me over my FOC (fear of collars)

    But really I want to make that Jacket? When will you have that jacket class again?

  35. Kerstin Anderson

    I would love to take a Beginner sewing class so I can (try to, at least!) keep up with my 11 year old daughter who loves sewing. She learned how to sew by taking several great summer camps at MD.

  36. Dezarae Boyd-France

    I would love to take the box cushion class with a friend so I can reupholster my gorgeous set of mcm chairs I inherited! I love the store and stop in but have never taken a class! I would love to join 🙂 thank you!

  37. Jessica

    I’d love to take quilt university one again or move on to year two and bring along a friend for the ride!

  38. elizabeth hogg

    I took my first class about 9 months ago- a simple jersey tshirt class. Since then, my sewing hobby has sky rocketed!!!!! I design my own patterns and make my own dresses and bags (from tote bags to makeup pouches). I still have LOADS of difficulty reading patterns though. I would love to be to afford any of your dress classes to help me with that. A gift certificate would be great!!

  39. Jessica

    I’ve been hoping to get a chance to take the Boxcar Tote class. It would be perfect to take with my sister!

  40. Shelley

    Since quilting is such an interesting art form- I’d like to check out a beginner class. It would be cool to bring my wife Lynne so that we could work on some projects together.

  41. mary anne

    I would like to take the t-shirt class with my BFF. It would be so great to make my own t-shirts and hopefully start getting over my sewing phobias.

  42. Amorette

    Focus: free motion quilting. I would love to take this class, i need a kick start

  43. Maud

    I would love to take a Learn to Sew class with my friend who is a beginning sewer! Either the Invisible Zipper Pillow or the Zippered Pouch.

  44. Sarah

    Cath’s paper piecing class is on my list!

  45. Elsa

    An MD class for me and a friend!? Good grief! I’d love a t-shirt class with one of my very best friends, April.

  46. Sue

    I would love to take the T-shirt class or free-motion quilting! Happy Holidays!

  47. Tanya

    I would love to make a garment sewing class with my friend Ellen!!! Classes at MD are wonderful from start to finish! Thanks MD! And Happy Holidays!

  48. Kristi

    I would like to take the Sew Basic class with my best friend so we can start new adventures in sewing together. I imagine us making totes, aprons and matching house coats.

  49. Kimberly Russell

    Machine quilting class!

  50. Julia Brown

    I would love to take quilting on the frame or the LTS twisted cowl with my friend Leah. She has two little boys that keep her busy with not a lot of time for sewing or socializing. I’d be in 7th heaven to have a girl’s night sewing together!

  51. Starla McCullar

    I’d love to bring my friend to sewing class – for a button down shirt or a dress. She enjoys quilting and would like trying her hand at sewing clothes. With the warmth of MDs staff and well stocked class room, she’s sure to enjoy herself.

  52. Marci M

    I would take either the zipper pouch class or the tote bag class.

  53. Heather M

    I would love to take one of your dress or jacket classes!

  54. Lindsay

    Archer button up shirt looks great! We would dig this class!

  55. Jen VA

    Boxed cushion! Or another dress class!

  56. Jeannie

    I would love to take a serger class! My friend tells me al the time how much she loved it and how useful it is.

  57. Natalie

    Archer shirt class with my friend gen!

  58. Robin Hindahl

    Any beginning/advanced beginner class. And I would bring my nephew Russell who is probably a better sewer than I am. We could both learn!

  59. Lee

    I would love to bring my friend Heather so we can have the opportunity to rekindle our love of quilting with the Quilting Basics class AND give Heather the chance to have some personal time away from being a work at home mom!

  60. Betsy

    I love the Archer button up shirt and think I would learn a lot of new techniques in this class. It would be even more fun to take this class with a friend!

  61. Morgan Kircher

    This is great! I’ll be on Maternity leave and would love to get away for a few hours with a friend to take the box cushion class! That way I can make some big floor pillows for my growing family to lounge on! I can’t wait!

  62. Gayle West-Grimley

    Twisted Cowl! It would be great to share my love of sewing with my daughter, Katie, who is new to sewing (she loves scarves, too)!

  63. Thu

    Archer Shirt Class!

  64. Liane

    The quilt frame class, Scout Tee, or Boxcar Tote – hard to decide!

  65. Rhiannon

    I’d love to take the Simple Curtains class with a friend!

  66. Janet

    I would love to take the Boxcar Tote or Boxed Cushion!!! Box one up for me – lol!!! Thanks for the chance MD – this is awesome!!!

  67. Jan

    I would love to take the machine quilt basics. It has been sewwwww (!!) long since I’ve sewed (we’re talking decades” and I’d love to learn how to quilt!

  68. Jen

    The box cushion class sounds like fun!

  69. Michael Ann

    I have been DYING to take a class with you guys! I think my dear friend Marisa would love to take a machine quilting class with me, how fun!

  70. Justin

    My daughter Jasmine and I would would love to do all of your classes but we should probably start with the basics…thanks!

  71. Deb

    I would like to learn the Quilt Frame Basics with Rachel. And… the Boxed Cushion class. The Archer Shirt is on the list as well! Thanks MD

  72. Ellen

    The quilting one class, or the archer class, or the t-shirt class. They all sound so great!

  73. Stephanie

    I would love to take the beginners sewing class with my friend Kiana. I have so many pieces of clothing I would like to alter but it’s been awhile since I’ve used a machine and could use some guidance!

  74. Erika Ash

    I would bring my friend Carly to the Archer shirt class, the frame quilting class, or a dress class! I heart Modern Domestic and all the lovely ladies who work there so much!!!

  75. Mema

    With grandkids, I’d like to take the T-shirt class for learning to sew with knitted fabrics with my daughter.

  76. Brandy

    I’d love to take the Archer Button Up shirt class and I bet my friend Jen would like to come too, she took a serger class a little bit ago and learned to make skirts. We’re both off work on Sundays!

  77. Morgan

    If I won I would take a class with my friend Heather. She and started I our sewing journey at a PCC community Ed sewing class. A class on t-shirt making or a boxed cushion would be a real step up from where we started.

  78. Karilyn

    The t-shirt and the archer button up would be great classes! I’ll need to find a sewing friend!

  79. Sherry Brown

    Would love to take a class with my friend Nancy, who just bright a Bernette!

  80. Shannon

    My friend Leslie & I have taken two quilting classes at Modern Domestic this past fall and I’ve been eyeing January’s Quilt University-Year One. Leslie & I have known each other since grade school but we fell out of touch a few years after graduating high school. Leslie had made this gorgeous quilt for a friend who was getting married so when I registered for my first quilting class at Modern Domestic, it compelled me to reach out to her and the next thing I knew, she registered to take the class with me! We’ve had a lot of fun and enjoy learning new things in the classes – we’d love to take more!

  81. Mims

    I’d love to take the curved piecing class with a friend.

  82. erica

    Congratulations Morgan! You are the winner of our giveaway! Contact us by phone or email to sign you and a friend up for your class. 503.808.9910

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