Happy New Year and some love!

Oh 2010, you were a good year. You were our first year. You were the year we sold our first machine. Our second machine, and many, many more. Taught hundreds of people to sew, met new teachers, solidified a partnership, and saw the birth of a store and a new fresh way of being domestic.

Thank you to all the great amazing customers who walked through our yarn cozied door, sat in front of a fine BERNINA or Janome sewing machine, and learned a little something! We can’t wait to do it all over again and more in 2011!

Here are a couple quick links to favorite posts or moments about MD, our teachers, and our customers. Hope you click through and enjoy!

  • Anna began her teaching career at MD, and now look, she is the proud mama of Bernice! This means great new inspiration and probably a million new class ideas for you all.
  • Our friends at Bolt continue to share the love of sewing and all things fabric. We are thrilled to be on their street, in their hood, and especially their “sister store.”
  • We taught kids to sew! Lots and lots of them! Well, really, this AMAZING woman did it. She is the Mary Poppins of sewing. The kids (and us) simply LOVE her.
  • The most special one-of-a-kind fabric was printed at MD. Right under our sweet roof! There was ink, emulsion, drop cloths, but most importantly Susanna.
  • We got to get Oh, Fransson’s Elizabeth in her element teaching quilting and working with the Portland Modern Quilt Guild. Seeing what is to come for Elizabeth’s classes in 2011 has got me attaching my walking foot as fast as possible.
  • You made t-shirts. And a few knit skirts, dresses, panties, but mostly you made t-shirts. There will be more, and they will be with Sally. She is truly a special sewing kind of gal.
  • Rachel made a sweet shirt, and even used a Bernina to say I LOVE YOU. How sweet.
  • We had some wonderful knitters here, and we love every minute of it. Adrianne, Ann, Laura, and Sally and everyone who is a part of  Close Knit. You are some fine ladies!
  • Local is queen! Thanks to Supportland and all they are doing for small business, as well as the radness of Hand Made In Portland, there is a thriving local DIY scene and we are honored to be a part of it.
  • We were lucky enough to have the most talented, kind, patient, and hardworking staff. Amy, Jen, Erica, and Meredith, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.
  • People made stuff! Cool, amazing, truly handmade stuff. From napkins to leaotards, pillows and dress shirts, wedding dresses and neck ties. We didn’t make it, YOU DID!

Whoa, I could keep this list going for days. Maybe I should…. you all have helped make 2010 the best year ever! Thank you so much for your support and patronage. We can’t wait to see you in 2011!

Open Sewing Punch card. We love the people we get to know who spend hours sewing with us.

If you would like to share an MD experience that I overlooked, please post it as a comment!

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