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Handmade in Portland and Supportland (as well as MD, Bolt, and other friends) have teamed up to offer a super fun and super easy opportunity for you to win big! As you love and patronize these DIY style businesses, and swipe your supportland card, you are automatically entered to win a prize pack with a value of $350! From MD, you will win a 10 hour pre-paid open sewing punch card! There is awesome booty and gift certificates from the other participating businesses as well, and all you have to do is SWIPE!

Borrowed text from Handmade in Portland, clearly explains the plan:

Here’s how it works. Make a purchase at any of the participating businesses between November 29th and December 19th and swipe your Supportland card.  You’ll automatically be entered into a drawing to win a killer package of goodies, including free classes, gift cards and other cool items, with an approximate retail value totaling $350! This is in addition to the points you already receive on your Supportland account. It’s that simple!

What’s a participating business, you might ask? Good question. The businesses participating in this promotion are some of our favorite places to do it ourselves in town:

Bolt Neighborhood
Dava Beads
Modern Domestic
Mr. Green Beans
Wynona Studios

What if I don’t have a Supportland card yet, you might ask. Or you might be wondering, I have a Supportland card, but I haven’t registered it. Can I still play?

The answer is yes! You can pick up your card for free at any one of the Happy Holly DIY shops or any other shop on the Supportland network and have it swiped with your very first purchase. Just make sure you register your card here before the promotion ends so you can be notified if you win.

You can get one entry for a purchase per business during the promotion. In addition, Supportland will have a booth at Crafty Wonderland. Bring your card for an additional swipe there. No purchase necessary. That’s eight chances to win in all!

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