Halloween Sewing

What better way to enjoy Halloween night than with an adorable handmade Trick or Treat bag!

BERNINA’s blog, We All Sew, recently featured my Trick or Treat bag from last October. Not only can you check out some other cute options for your little one (or yourself), but you may be inspired to create one following my tutorial!

This reversible bag can be easily customized with embroidery, applique, or even fabric markers! This was the first major project I had tackled on the 580 and helped me fall in love with its versatility and capability. The most important thing–to have fun creating! Be sure to share anything you create with us on Facebook. Everyone at MD loves seeing what our fabulous and talented customers are up to! Bolt also recently posted about Halloween themed fabric and costume appropriate fabric on their blog the other day, it help get you in a spooky mood. Or stop by the store and ask me about creating fabric banners with embroidery like the one I made for BERNINA!

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